Virtual EMS

Virtual EMS

Welcome to the CUB, Chinook, UREC, Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center, and Table Space request site

We are only taking guest requests at this time. Logging in is disabled.

How to Create a Request.

  • Click CREATE A REQUEST in the left menu.
  • Enter a date and time.
  • Select Add/Remove Buildings (areas) to look for the space you would like to request.


  1. Please note CUB, Chinook and UREC Event Venues require at least 14 days’ notice so staff can be scheduled and resources ordered.
  2. If you request a room for a reoccurring meeting in which all dates are not available, only the available dates will be reflected in the confirmation sent.
  3. In order for the scheduling office to respond to your request, please make sure you select a specific room or space before you enter Request Details.

Feel free to contact us for help.
Thanks! | 509.335.9444

Please Note:

General University Classrooms are not available here for request. Please go to to request those spaces.